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The Mission of the Metro Area Mayors Committee for People with Disabilities is to advocate for full acceptance of people with disabilities by striving to eliminate environmental, attitudinal and employment barriers.


Goal 1: Participate in events that promote disability awareness
Goal 2:
Network and collaborate with groups and individuals

Goal 3: Educate and serve as a resource on disability rights

Goal 4: Enhance employment opportunities for people with disabilities 



  • Executive Committee: Composed of the MAMC officers and immediate chairperson(s)
    • Set monthly agenda
    • Attend to issues that arise between MAMC meetings
    • Monitor chairs of all committees
    • Lead MAMC public relations efforts
  • Grace Tveiten Grant:
    • Promote, review and award funds for the Grace Tveiten Grant
    • Report granted awards at monthly meetings
  • Citizens On Parking Patrol (C.O.P.P.) Program:
    • Work cooperatively with Fargo Inspectors Office, City Police Department, City Attorneys Office and Freedom Resource Center
    • Assist in Educating business on the city ordinance in regard to the appropriate accessible parking signage
    • Monitor volunteers’ activities as related to parking violations and compliance
  • Awards Banquet Committee:
    • Set date (in April), physical location and luncheon menu
    • Open up nominations from the membership and community
    • Collect and review nominations and select a winner for each category. Current award categories are as follows:
      • Outstanding Citizen
      • Employer of the Year
      • Entrepreneur
      • Healthcare Professional
      • Placement Specialist
      • Universal Access
      • Teacher/Educator
      • Distinguished Service