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Citizens on Parking Patrol (COPP) -- The COPP's program consists of volunteers who patrol, identify, and cite drivers who park illegally in accessible parking spaces. Emphasis is placed on educating businesses and the general public regarding parking signage and compliance issues.

The Grace Tveiten Grant provides funds to persons with disabilities that require assistance related to vocational/employment.  Grant funds may be used to obtain or maintain a job, education/training, adaptive equipment or devices, transportation to work, etc.  Click here to download the Grace Tveiten Grant Application Form.

or enter this form and it will be emailed to our office.
Sponsor Name:
Sponsor Address:
Sponsor Telephone:
What other resources have you accessed?
(such as vocational rehabilitation, social services, Pass Plan, Job Service, etc. ):
Are you currently employed?

If yes, where and give job title and short description:
What is your vocational goal?
What dollar amount will help you reach your goal?
Please list any other and/or matching funds:
Have you applied to us before?
What will the funds be used for and how will this assist you in reaching your goal ? ( Be specific )
All Applications Must Include a Sponsor.
A member of the committee will contact you for any required supporting documentation ( letters of support, references, resume', estimates, bids, etc. )
My signature below provides my consent to the Metro Area Mayor's Employment Grant Committee to check all of the information given in this application and the references listed. To the best of my knowledge I attest that the information given in this application is true and accurate.
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